On stereometric formula clear glass table potted flower: Pretty rose

  • Model No.:POT-SG-018-09 Burgundy+ beige
  • Made in:Taiwan
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Key Features

On stereometric formula clear glass tablepotted flower: Pretty rose



Size: Long : 8cm  Width : 8 cm  High : 18cm  g : 600g


Pot: Stereometric formula clear glass   8cm*8cm*8cm

Flower's material quality :  Cottoncreot . New silky

Color: Yellow. Blue. Fuchsia. Cocoa.Purple. Light green. Pink.

    Coffee . Claret.

Design: Emphasizes the flower petal thewave

Method: Turns technology. The pure manualmethod lets the flower

    petal have the wave line

Fitting: Wooden must

Combination: With wooden must make the first floor.

Theincline insertsthe law. Overall matching.

Flower's expression dances likely the littlegirl is

such tender and beautiful.

The different color has thedifferent expression

This is the design unique place